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Menton, “the Pearl of France”

Menton, known as “the pearl of France,” and its most temperate locale. Nearly a dozen private beaches offer bar service and lounge chairs. The free public beaches are kid-friendly with plenty of aquatic sports to inspire a plunge into the Mediterranean sea.

Menton, Perle de la France


Menton et sa fete du citron

Fête du citron

Since 1934 the “Fête du Citron” is a unique event taking place in Menton. Thousands of oranges and lemons are used to build gigantic sculptures. It gathers around 250,000 visitors, 300 professionals and more than 145 tons of lemons and oranges.

Le carnaval de Nice

Nice Carnaval

Since 1873, the Nice Carnaval is one of the most attended event in the french riviera during winter time. It is recognized as one of the biggest carnavals in the world, gathering more than a million spectators.

Le festival de Cannes

Sport, Nature, Culture

Menton is a city also well known for its music festival, the Cocteau museum and its easy access to the Cannes Film festival. On the sports events the Monaco Grand Prix is a legendary race that you can easily attend to fro, the hotel.


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